Some Interesting Facts About Bergen, Norway

Millions of tourists visit Bergen annually. But hardly a few of them know in detail about this famous European city in Norway. If you too are planning to visit Norway especially in Bergen then you should also ask yourself a question “what is Bergen known for?”. Getting the answer to this will resolve all your doubts and make you aware of all the amazing facts about Bergen before booking your tickets to Bergen. 

Bergen is undoubtedly a famous city in Norway not because many people visit this place but for the reason for which people choose to visit this place. No doubt Bergen is famous for its university but its spectacular location between the mountains enforces us to call it the “city of seven mountains”. There are many more such awesome facts related to Bergen. Let’s read more to discover all the wonderful facts about Bergen city in Vestland county, Norway.

Bergen is the second city in Norway by population.

Yes, you read it right, Bergen is the second most populated city in Norway after Oslo. Oslo is the capital of Norway hence it is the most populated one in the country. But what do you all think about Bergen? Don’t put excess pressure on your mind as we are here to help you with all your queries. Bergen is famous for its posh location hence most Norwegians carve to reside in this place. The population of Oslo is 1,019,513 whereas Bergen is second in the second position with 257,087 population.

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Bergen is also famous as “the heart of the fjords”.

Sognefjord Fjord

Sognefjord Fjord

Too many people visit Bergen to explore the unadulterated beauty of the city but hardly any of them know about how many fjords does Bergen has? Neither we know the exact count but there are enough deep beautiful fjords between steep mountains. Most of the time these fjords remain covered with snow that looks like a white bedsheet of silk is spread on the mountains. If you visited Bergen but haven’t seen the major fjords there then your trip is absolutely incomplete. Nærøy, Hardanger, Sognefjord, Fjærlandsfjorden, and Aurlandsfjord are the major fjords located around Bergen.

Longest fjords in Bergen: Fjord Sognefjord (King of the Fjords)

Location: North of Bergen

Depth: 1,308 m

The original and actual name of Bergen was ‘Bjørgvin’.

Bergen in Norwegian is pronounced as ‘Bjørgvin’. You will get to hear the same pronunciation from most of the inhabitants there. So from the very next time if you get to hear ‘Bjørgvin’ instead of Bergen then you don’t have to get confused as now you know that they are specifically talking about Bergen ‘Bjørgvin’.

Bergen is among the rainiest places in Europe.

Europe is the continent that experiences a moderate amount of rainfall all over the year. But what if someone asks you which place in Europe gets the maximum rainfall. Don’t worry we are here to tell you all such interesting facts. As Berger is in Norway and Europe receives the maximum rainfall every year. Isn’t it interesting that Bergen experiences rainfall on an average of 195 days in a year. Also, the overall rainfall measured on the rain gauges is 2.250 mm annually. Hence we can say that Bergen is indeed the rainiest city in entire Europe.

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Bergen was famous as the European capital of leprosy until the 20th century.

Leprosy, an infectious disease, was very common in Bergen until the 20th century. Yes, it’s perplexing that Bergen, apart from its beauty, is the city with the maximum number of leprosy patients in Europe. But as it is a curable disease and the era of multi-drug therapy has started in Europe that is curing millions of people. Nowadays, Bergen has no more leprosy patients and three hospitals in Bergen are working continuously to treat the patients.

The world’s longest cycle tunnel was about to inaugurate in Bergen in 2023 

Yes, it’s indeed an awesome fact about Bergen that the government is working on the project of the world’s longest cycle tunnel. This longest tunnel for cyclists was still under construction and about to start in 2023. The overall length of this tunnel is approx 2.9 Km and only cyclists and pedestrians are allowed to enter this tunnel. The world’s longest cycle tunnel will pass through the Løvstakken mountain in Vestland county and will run parallel to the new light rail line. This tunnel will connect Fyllingsdalen with the Bergen city center and this is going to be one of the profitable projects for the people of Bergen. More than 100 cameras are installed in this tunnel to prevent any unwanted scenario.

Total length: 2.9 km 

Connecting: From Fyllingsdalen to Bergen city 

The former Prime Minister of Norway is from Bergen

Erna Solberg- Former Prime Minister of Norway

Erna Solberg- Former Prime Minister of Norway

People barely know that Erna Solberg, the former Prime Minister of Norway was from Bergen. She rules the country from 16 October 2013 to 14 October 2021 and during her entire tenure. Her entire work was for the welfare of the citizens. She is the 35th Prime Minister of Norway and undoubtedly the one who has worked efficiently for the citizens and their nation. 

Bergen is frequently called the “city of seven mountains”.

City of Seven Mountains

City of Seven Mountains

Most of the tourists visiting Bergen aren’t aware of the interesting fact about Bergen that it is located in the middle of skyscraping mountains that’s why known as “city of seven mountains”. Bergen got this name because of the spectacular mountains it features on the boundaries. The name of those seven mountains are Ulriken, Rundemanen, Lyderhorn, Løvstakken, Fløyfjellet, Sandviksfjellet, and Damsgårdsfjellet.

During the summer in Bergen, it’s almost midnight.

What can be more interesting than witnessing the sun even at midnight? Bergen in Norway is the city where you can see this miracle. There is so much light even at midnight sufficient to read a newspaper. 

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The largest shopping center in Norway is located in Bergen. 

Largest Shopping Centre

Largest Shopping Centre

Lagunen Storsenter, is the largest shopping center in Norway located in Bergen city. This famous shopping center collects total sales of approx 2,8 billion Norwegian kroner every year and in 2018 nearly 4.6 million people visit this shopping center in 2018.

Address: Laguneveien 1, 5239 Rådal, Norway

Hopefully, we have covered most of the amazing facts about Bergen that anyone barely knows. There are many more such facts that people desire to know. Globetrotters who have to wander in Norway to know about the famous things and facts will get so much information from this blog. So, read this blog, collect knowledge, and surprise your friends. Also, this information about the surprising facts about Bergen will broaden your knowledge and boost your IQ to a great extent.  

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