Sri Lanka unveils 1155-ft tall, $113 million worth of ‘Lotus Tower’

Synopsis: The most awaited green and purple-colored Lotus Tower is now open to the public. This 1155 ft (350 m) tall communication tower is a symbolic landmark for the country and it is located in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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Until now, people visited Sri Lanka to visit famous monuments or to witness famous summer festivals, but from now onward they have much more to observe in the country.  

Sri Lanka opens its most awaited Lotus tower on Thursday, September 15. This 1155 ft (350 m) tall massive tower was a part of the Chinese project “White Elephant” and cost around $113 million. This superstructure is located in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The renowned landmark is also one of the tallest buildings in South Asia, and the Chinese Exim Bank provided almost 80% of the funding for it in form of a loan. The construction of the tower actually started back in 2012, and yesterday it was opened to the public. 

The CEO of the state-owned management firm, Prasad Samarasinghe, stated, “The tower is now open for the public, and visitors are allowed into the observation deck and a revolving restaurant.”

Earlier this year, the Sri Lankan government hoped to welcome at least one million tourists in 2022, and the opening of this skyscraper will prove to be a positive approach to fulfilling that dream. 

What is the Lotus Tower?

Lotus Tower is a symbolic landmark of Sri Lanka, basically designed in green and purple color. It is a communication tower and one of the many “white elephant” projects that are constructed with Chinese loans.

Entry fee to Lotus Tower

As we know, the famous lotus tower in Colombo, Sri Lanka, is now open to the public from Thursday onwards. It will be a good opportunity for all Sri Lankans to witness this most awaited masterpiece in their country. Here are the important details about entry fees and major attractions at the Lotus Tower.

Visitors have to purchase a ticket for 200 rupees to experience the actual beauty of this tower. With this ticket, they will be able to enjoy the skyline view of the country from the tower’s observation deck for 20 minutes. The observation desk is located on the 29th floor and offers a stunning view of Sri Lanka’s skyline.

Major attraction:

The major attraction of the recently opened Lotus Tower in Sri Lanka is the rotating restaurant that is located on the 27th floor of the tower. This restaurant was designed using roller-based technology, and diners will be able to take a 360-degree view of the entire city from this rotating restaurant. 

Many functions in the tower are still in the development stage. According to Samarasinghe, it will take at least three more months to reach full functionality. In the future, prospective trading partners and service providers will be able to rent out the tower’s facilities.

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