Thailand is attempting to entice travellers by legalizing casinos

Synopsis: Thailand would be the perfect illustration of going above and beyond to maintain dignity. The most desired Southeast Asian country is now ready to legalize casinos in order to boost tourism after legalizing selling marijuana and decriminalizing cannabis.

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Thailand is the most desired Southeast Asian country, with plenty of casinos and gambling points that lure tourists from across the world. However, Thailand’s tourism industry is struggling to cope with the situation after the covid-19 penadmic. In order to see a prolonged tourism rush, Thailand’s government is looking to legalize casinos. It is the latest effort of the Thai tourist industry to win back tourists after a crackdown.

Casinos are an integral part of Thailand, but for two years, the country has been struggling to see adequate tourists. However, the Thai government is expecting to see 10 million tourists by the end of year 2022, which will help a lot to revive the dignity and boost tourism in the country. 

People from neighbouring countries often visit Thailand to praise the peaceful beaches and great casinos. But casinos and gambling were previously banned in some provinces in Thailand. 

However, Thailand is creating a buzz among the neighbouring countries for its most recent decision to legalize casinos. Thailand has to pull up its socks to compete with the so-called neighbouring countries and lure tourists with its charm. To make this possible, last month the Thai parliament was given a recommendation urging the administration to permit the construction of “entertainment complexes,” which would include legal casinos, in significant cities throughout the nation.

According to Gary Bowerman, director of Check-in Asia, a travel intelligence and research company with a focus on Asia, Thailand may be experiencing a fear of missing out due to the massive inflows of tourism infrastructure investment that are anticipated in Southeast Asia over the next few years, particularly in markets with the greatest potential, like Indonesia and Vietnam.

Thailand wants to demonstrate to potential investors that it can diversify its travel and tourism industry. According to Bowerman, the region’s economic narrative over the coming years will centre on the fierce competition that is developing to lure tourists and investors to help rebuild economies throughout the region.

As we all know, Thailand is now open to all and it recently introduced a digital travel pass to boost tourism. In such a scenario, it is confirmed that the Thai government has no plan to lose its tourists at any cost. 

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