Top 15 Most Visited Monuments in Prague | Famous Monuments in Prague, Czech Republic 

If you want to explore the history of Prague through the ages there are a number of historical monuments in Prague including the time-honored buildings, palaces, and parks where you can learn about the glorious past of Prague. The presence of these monuments of Prague will take you on a walk through the country’s rich history. If you are willing to have in-depth historical information about Prague, we recommend that you take a wonderful guided tour to cover the major historical attractions. Also, check the opening and closing time for each so that you can organize your time. Make sure that you go through the complete list of historical sites in Prague for a great trip:

List of Monuments in Prague

1. Astronomical Clock

Monuments in Prague, landmarks of Prague 

The Old Town Square of the city of Prague is an area where most of the historic monuments in Prague are housed reflecting the rich past of the city. The best way to begin your trip in Prague is through this historic hub of the city, the12th-century Old Town Square, nestled in the Old Town. The place serves as a heart of tourism comprising elements suitable for visitors of every age group. You will find many points of interest in this square including old houses, palaces, and churches such as gothic Staromestska Radnice (Old Town Hall), the major highlight of the area, Tyn Church and the Clementinum. The Astronomical Clock (orloj) is a must-visit if you are in Prague, which springs to life hourly from 9:00 AM Р9:00 PM with 2 Apostles. Make sure to climb or take the elevator to the top of the Old Town Hall Tower for a panoramic view of the city. The place is quite a view in summers with visitors flocking every nook and corner and tables dotting the exterior of restaurants.

Address: StaromEstske NamEsti 1/3, Prague 110 00 Czech Republic.

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2. Charles Bridge 

Monuments in Prague, landmarks of Prague 

The historic Charles Bridge is yet another iconic structure of Prague receiving a large number of tourists every year to cherish its craftsmanship. This UNESCO monument in Prague is one of the most famous bridges in Europe offering plenty of picture-perfect views extending up to the length of 520 meters,¬† Created in 1357, it was built as a component of Charles IV’s monumental building programme replacing the earlier Judita Bridge. Boasting of a total 32 interesting points of interest, the bridge has been a focus of several superstitions.¬†

The highlight of the structure is its many impressive old statues, the most popular ones being Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV and that of John of Nepomuk (country’s most revered saint), uncovered in 1683. It is believed that by rubbing the plaque at the base of the statue will grant one’s wish. Another visually stunning point of the bridge is the view of River Vltava and spectacular Gothic gates. A stroll over the Vltava during the famous sunset is a breathtaking experience.

Address: Anenske nam. 203/1, Prague 110 00 Czech Republic.

3. Powder Tower 

Monuments in Prague, landmarks of Prague 

Located in the Old Town of Prague, the Powder Tower was originally used as a fortress for the moat. It is called the Powder Tower because it used to store gunpowder. In the 16th century, the king allowed the warlocks to study alchemy here, and in the 18th century used to store the sacristy of the Church of St. Vitus. For exhibiting medieval art, astronomy and alchemy artifacts, it has now become a museum.Countless people flow through the powder tower and enter the old city every day. This popular landmark in Prague is also a dividing point. Entering the old city, the streets are narrow and delicate, mostly pedestrians strolling leisurely, strolling through various boutique shops, and enjoying the ancient buildings along the way. On the other side of the pyrotechnics tower, there are broad roads, huge shopping malls, exquisite cinemas, commercial banks and so on. The prosperous modern commercial society is unfolding in front of us.

Address: N√°mńõst√≠ Republiky,¬† Prague 1 – Old Town.

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4. Town Hall 

Monuments in Prague, landmarks of Prague 

Constructed in 1338, Old Town Hall is one of the most significant monuments located in Prague, Czech Republic. This historical town hall incorporates a complex of five medieval houses; the quarter of which is embellished with a gothic-looking oriel window, an old astronomical clock, and an enormous rectangular tower. With splendid interiors, painted ceilings, and gothic architecture, the Old Town Hall remains to be one of the historical landmarks in Italy.Established as an administrative seat for the Old Town in Prague, the Old Town Hall is now majorly utilized for ceremonial purposes. The five ancient houses cover several enriched rooms dating from different periods of history, underground areas carrying mysterious legends and stories, and a massive tower. The Astronomical Clock is another interesting feature that encourages the visitors to stand in queues so that they can witness it at the top of the hour when twelve apostles appear in the windows. The building reflects the history of the city, and this is the reason why it oversees innumerous visitors as well as guided tours every year. The visitors of the Old Town Hall further get the benefit of enjoying the enchanting view of Prague from the viewing gallery of the 70-meter high tower. Therefore, these ancient houses are worth a visit for all those who appreciate good architectural buildings, scenic views or have a keen interest in getting to know about the history of Prague.

Address: Town Hall, Prague, Czech Republic.

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5. Municipal House 

Monuments in Prague, landmarks of Prague 

The Municipal House is the finest of Prague√ćs architecture established in 1912 and exemplifying the Art Nouveau to its best. Designed mainly by Antonin Bals√†nek and Osvald Pol√ēvka with a significant contribution from various major Czech artists, the Municipal House (Obecn√ē D¬Ěm) has been recently fully restored to its original form. This impressive architecture boasts of housing one of the largest and most noteworthy concert venues, Smetana Hall along with plenty of salient features. The exterior of this communist monument in Prague is adorned with a vast fresco on the arch above the second-floor balcony while a large dome is placed behind.¬†The interior of the building is not far behind being decorated with fine stained glass windows and beautiful paintings. Lord Mayor’s Room serves as one of the best parts of the house featuring murals by Alphonse Mucha. One can best explore the place either through guided tours, which are also available in English, by simply attending the concert or trying out its cafe or restaurants.

Address: n√°m. Republiky 5, 111 21 Star√© Mńõsto, Czechia.

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6. Clementinum 

Monuments in Prague, landmarks of Prague 

A huge group of remarkable important historic monuments including the Clementinum, the National Library reflects the rich past of the country. The Clementinum also referred as Klementinum is a huge complex comprising a plethora of impressive rococo architectures and baroque mainly occupied by the Czech National Library. Although most part of the complex is closed for tourists, one can freely explore the courtyards or can opt for a guided tour of 50 minutes. Baroque Library Hall, the Astronomical Tower and the Chapel of Mirrors are part of the tour. The National Library today houses more than six million books including copies of every book published in the Czech Republic declared as a public library in 1782. The hall of this famous monument in Prague is also adorned with intricate ceiling artwork portraying Temple of Wisdom other than its vast collection. Decorated with a huge bronze Atlas and exhibiting 18th-century astronomical instruments, the Astronomical Tower is another major highlight. One can also enjoy the jazz and classical concerts held in the Chapel of Mirrors on a daily basis. Guided tours are available in English language offering an unforgettable experience.

Address: Mari√°nsk√© n√°m. 5, 110 00 Star√© Mńõsto, Czechia.

7. Jewish Quarter (Josefov)

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Jewish Quarter

Once regarded as a Jewish Ghetto, today the Jewish Quarter is a fascinating place housing many tourist attractions. Originally considered as a slum area occupied by the Jews during the 1200s, the Jewish Quarter was limited to the Castle District. It later on expanded to Josefov area and was transformed into one of the Prague√ćs most fascinating place to visit. Today, the place boasts of housing Art Nouveau apartment buildings but with a tint of some old flavours.¬†However, the major attraction of this popular monument in Prague is the Jewish Museum (_idovsk_ muzeum v Praze), which comprises of six distinct ancient sites, all being accessible through single ticket. The Maisel Synagogue, the Spanish Synagogue, the Pinkas Synagogue, the Old Jewish Cemetery, the Ceremonial Hall, and the Klaus Synagogue are the six beautiful historic buildings housed in the museum premises, each one reflecting an amusing aspect of Pragueis past.

Address: Jewish Quarter, Prague, Czech Republic. 

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8. Prague Castle 

Monuments in Prague, landmarks of Prague 

One of the most popular tourist attractions of Prague, this castle is perched in the Hrad? any neighbourhood, adding a rustic charm to the skyline of the city. It was originally established as a fortress around 970 AD once serving as the home of Bohemia’s kings. Today, this lofty and top monument in Prague is the official residence of the President of Czech Republic, exemplifying some of the chief architectural styles of the last millennium. This historic building has changed vividly over the years and is currently the most visited site of Prague. As one enters the castle beneath the Battling Titan statues, the prominent complex appears almost as vast as a small town.¬†It comprises of three courtyards, fortifications and gardens along with other popular tourist attractions such as the Old Royal Palace (former residence of Bohemian kings), St. George’s Basilica and the Golden Lane and St. Vitus Cathedral (the oldest and most important site of the castle). The view of the city’s skyline adorned with countless spires and gorgeous Vltava River with the old town is spellbinding. It might not be possible to explore the entire complex within one day, so plan accordingly. Guided tours for the castle are available in various languages including English.

Address: Hradcany, Prague 11908 Czech Republic.

9. John Lennon Wall

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John Lennon Wall

The Beatles’ legacy has held an iconic prestige amongst musicians and music enthusiasts but in Prague, it goes a step further. John Lenon, known across the world for the peace-loving and harmony-inducing music, became the harbinger of rebellion in Prague in the 19th century. His death in 1980 effectively summoned the pacifist youth of Prague to this one commonplace wall as a form of nonviolent protest and painted graffiti championing for a free Czech from the archaic rules of the Communist party. Since then, this famous landmark in Prague has excited as a vibrant symbol of peace and freedom, not only in Czech, but inclusive of the rest of the world. An unknown artist, started this movement without any intention, when he first painted John Lenon’s image along with some of his song lyrics after his death. John Lenon, who never really visited Prague in his short life, became the driving force that brought together a lot of like-minded liberal individuals which then led to the Velvet Revolution of 1989. John Lenon inspired graffiti much like art and resistance continued to grow despite the efforts of the Communist Party and played an instrumental role in the freedom of Czech.

Address: VelkopŇôevorsk√© n√°mńõst√≠, 100 00 Praha 1, Czechia

10. St Nicholas 

Monuments in Prague, landmarks of Prague 

A continuation of the legacy of amazing architecture, St. Nicholas Church is a recent creation showcasing a fine example of High Baroque. Located in the pictorial Little Quarter Square, St. Nicholas Church (Mal√† Strana) was built recently in the 18th century by Jesuits. This best monument in Prague is acknowledged for its grand interior, large Baroque paintings by Czech painter Karel Skreta and stunning 19th-century chandeliers exemplifying the High Baroque architectural style. Another striking feature of the church is its bell tower, which offers a great view from its top past the church’s huge dome and the old city. Try to catch the regular concerts that are held here including Mozart’s Requiem and other popular pieces and English guided tours are also available.

Address: Malostranske Namesti, Prague 118 00 Czech Republic.

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11. Church of Our Lady before Tyn

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Church of Our Lady before Tyn

Located in the Old Town Square, The Church of Our Lady before Tyn is an impressive building with touches of Gothic architecture. An old structure one cannot miss out on while on an excursion of Old Town Square, this heritage monument in Prague is a captivating architecture exemplifying Gothic style. It comprises 80-metre tall twin spires dominating the sky in the area bounding the building from each side, each one, in turn, supporting four small spires. As one enters the main entrance through a narrow channel, one will feel like going back to the 15th century when the church was completed. Since then, the building has gone under many changes through centuries as the seat of power changed. With remarkable interior one, also get to witness the fine work of tombs, a Gothic northern portal with its Crucifixion sculpture, antique 17th-century pipe organs and early Baroque altarpiece paintings dating from 1649. There are five restaurants and cafes if you get tired, each offering delicious refreshments nestled in the 11th-century Ungelt Courtyard behind the church. 

Address: Staromńõstsk√© n√°m., 110 00 Star√© Mńõsto, Czechia.

12. Strahov Monastery 

Monuments in Prague, landmarks of Prague 

The Strahov Monastery and Library, mirroring the richness of architecture of the 12th century, are impressive buildings holding much knowledge. Dated back to the 12th century, the Strahov Monastery and Library or Strahovsky klàster are historic buildings renowned for their striking architecture and artwork. Featuring its daunting gateway and churches, it is also the second oldest monastery of Prague. However, the major highlight of the structure is its two brilliantly ornamented Baroque libraries. The Philosophical Library is an amazing place for books lovers exhibiting a fabulous furnishing arrangement and delicately done ceiling by Franz Anton Maulbertsch entitled Enlightenment. The Theological Library the other library which is a marvellous Baroque room adorned with elaborate paintings on the ceiling by Siard Nosecky, a Strahov Monk. However, even more fascinating is its collection of rare old volumes and manuscripts such as the renowned 9th-century Strahov Gospel. The cellar of this ancient monument in Prague houses the old printing presses while the cloisters exhibit a religious art collection and treasury.

Address: Strahovsk√© n√°dvoŇô√≠ 132/1, Prague 1-Hradńćany, Czech Republic.

13. Wenceslas Square 

Monuments in Prague, landmarks of Prague 

The Wenceslas Square of Prague housing a plethora of man-made marvels is one of the popular public places of the city flocked by tourists and locals all the time. A treasure trove of Prague√ēs architectural wonders, Wenceslas Square is located in the New Town district. Named after the patron saint of Bohemia whose statue is installed in the area, the Wenceslas Square is actually a long boulevard. Established during the 14th century under the rule of Charles IV as a horse market, today the place carries the same popularity as home to √äthe National Museum and a plethora of impressive architectures.¬†Once served as the major hub for demonstrations that started the Velvet Revolution in 1989, even today, this iconic monument in Prague is a place for demonstrations and celebrations alike. Lined with the 150 years old architectural styles, the square is flocked with most fashionable stores along with rather seedy nightlife. A visit to this place offers great shopping, dining and historic experience one should not miss.

Address: Vaclavske namesti, Prague 110 00 Czech Republic.

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14. Petrin Lookout Tower

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Petrin Lookout Tower

The Petrin Lookout Tower is perched over a hill and offers an awe-inspiring bird¬† ŐĀ s eye view of the entire city. The Petrin Lookout Tower, almost one-fifth the size of Eiffel Tower in Paris is a 63-meter high miniature replica of its French counterpart. Originally created by using the used railway tracks in 1891 for a major exhibition, this brilliant piece of art was later on shifted to the Petr√ēn Hill during 1930s. Since then it has been one of the major attractions of Prague receiving tourists in large numbers. There are two ways to reach the base of this most popular monument in Prague either by a 30-minute climb uphill or by taking a fun trip on cable railway and then taking on a flight of 299 steps. There is also an elevator and a cafe uphill.

Address: Petrinske sady 633, Prague 118 00 Czech Republic.

15. National Museum

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National Museum

The National Museum, reflecting the history of Prague is a place for history buffs exhibiting a vast collection of relics of the past. Located at the top of Wenceslas Square, the National Museum or N√†rodn√ē Muzeum is one of the significant museums of the Czech Republic displaying some the largest and the oldest collection of antiquities of the past. Established in 1818, the museum houses a vast assortment of items from various fields including mineralogy, zoology, anthropology, archaeology, music and art numbering almost in millions.¬†Under the section of entomology, there are alone more than five million exhibits. Spread all across the city department wise, one will find something of their interest among many museums such as Museum of music, a museum of natural history and a museum of Asian, African and American cultures. The key exhibit of this national monument in Prague is the 1st and 2nd-century Roman artefacts as well as plenty of Bronze and Early Iron age excavations in the archaeology section.

Address: Vaclavske Namesti 68 Nove Mesto, Prague 115 79 Czech Republic

So far we have discussed the best monuments in Prague, which contains the proper information regarding all the top monuments in Prague. I hope you might have loved reading this article and if you love to know more about Prague then kindly head to our other articles as well which will help you to get knowledge about Prague.

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