Top Rated Places to Eat in New Zealand

New Zealand is a country which is famous for its beautiful beaches, mindblowing sceneries, amazing edifices, and countryside. Travelers who come here to enjoy in this beautiful country also appreciate the delicious food here. From top-notch cafés to restaurants, local eateries, and bistros; New Zealand has all varieties of food available for there different types of foodies. However, on the off chance that you are confused with which restaurant to attempt and where to visit first; stress not, as we have gathered a list of best places to eat in New Zealand.

Where to Eat in New Zealand

1. Black Barn Bistro

unique places to eat in New Zealand, top 10 places to eat in New Zealand

Black Barn Bistro

Black Barn has many things to offer his visitors from summer concert venue to winery, local farmers’ market, lodging, lodging, neighborhood ranchers’ market, and restaurant. What makes everything work is that it feels like an individual undertaking, a sort of curated way of life, stylishly executed and tastefully conceived. Black Barn Bistro is one of the top places to eat in New Zealand.

Address:Black Barn Rd, Havelock North 4294, New Zealand


unique places to eat in New Zealand, top 10 places to eat in New Zealand


Michael Dearth is very famous for his cooking style in Auckland, and in light of current circumstances—he became well known at perfect-dining eatery the Grove, which was opened by him in the year of 2004 with his wife Annette and then he opened Baduzzi in North of Warf which s for its Italian Food. His main motive at Baduzzi is to delivering fast and good service to there customers as they also have the chef Ben Bayly at the helm, Baduzzi is one of the unique places to eat in New Zealand.

Address: 10-26 Jellicoe St, North Wharf, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

3.Blue Breeze Inn

unique places to eat in New Zealand, top 10 places to eat in New Zealand

Blue Breeze Inn

MarkWallbank’s enthusiasm for Asian cuisines sparkles at Blue Breeze, which sits on a side of hip Ponsonby Rd. Wallbank is behind a grip of the city’s best eatery, which is all inventive and constantly on top of the list. He additionally possesses nearby’s Chop, Woodpecker Hill, and MooChowChow, in opulent Parnell. The previous culinary artist began his professional cooking for government officials at the Beehive in Wellington, the nation’s capital, worked at the Ivy in London and completed a turn as a judge on cooking show MasterChef New Zealand.

Address:146 Ponsonby Road Ponsonby Central, Ponsonby, Auckland 1011, New Zealand


unique places to eat in New Zealand, top 10 places to eat in New Zealand


Al Brown is one of New Zealand’s most popular chef, Al Brown is welcoming and warm—and his eateries are saturated with these mysterious characteristics also, a great piece of the reason his foundations murmur with extremely cheerful diners. There’s additionally his reliably wonderful nourishment: Brown takes the best nearby food ingredients, works on them nicely, and after that takes them on with his innovative personality. Punters revere the salty succulence of the crude fish bar, the power of simmered bone hand truck, and his addictive Brussels grows. There likely hasn’t been a night since it opened around five years prior that this peppy spot hasn’t been stuffed. Beside Depot, Brown has Federal Street Deli, the superb burger joint nearby, and Best Ugly Bagels.

Address: 86 Federal St, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand


New Zealanders are fixated on their espresso—they’ll examine it more promptly than they’ll ever suggest a discussion about governmental issues. And keeping in mind that the nation’s caffeine upheaval began in Wellington, Kokako is one of Auckland’s spearheading roasters of the green bean. They did sustainable and organic relatively revolutionary and, subsequently, have developed exponentially. Their coffeehouse (think nitro cold mix), and bistro is housed in the beguiling previous mail station of the inward city suburb of Gray Lynn. The imaginative veggie lover charge served catches the core of a development that has since gone standard.

6. Kazuya

unique places to eat in New Zealand, top 10 places to eat in New Zealand


Kazuya is known as one of top New Zealand’s eatery, which is accepted to have set the pattern for a combination of Japanese and European treats in the nation. This eatery is well-known among top-positioning fancy eateries in Auckland, New Zealand. It’s very wonderful to take a gander at the menu, which involves duck delicacies and octopus,  ham salad to trevally, snapper, 30 seasonal textured vegetables, cooked sous vide and salmon. Besides, the mood and cordiality of the spot are the features and appeal to everybody.

Address:193 Symonds St, Eden Terrace, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

7.The Shed te Motu

unique places to eat in New Zealand, top 10 places to eat in New Zealand

The Shed te Motu

The Shed te Motu is a fascinating and extremely one of a kind spot. Encompassed by vineyards and sprawling vegetable gardens, neglecting the Onetangi Valley, The Shed te Motu is considered as one of the famous places to eat in New Zealand, which includes exotic wine collection and locally produced fresh food. The open-air sitting arrangement, exciting wine tasting session, and Rustic décor make this eatery as one of the top 10 places to eat in New Zealand.

Address: 76 Onetangi Rd, Onetangi, Auckland 1971, New Zealand

8.Christchurch Tramway Restaurant

unique places to eat in New Zealand, top 10 places to eat in New Zealand

Christchurch Tramway Restaurant

Our list of best New Zealand eateries is half-hearted and incomplete without a restaurant from Christchurch city. We should begin with the Christchurch Tramway Restaurant. This is a totally extraordinary spot, where the eatery is situated under a tram, which investigates the city. Obviously, it is one of the best eateries in New Zealand which will let you explore the city also, showing sightseeing experience and fabulous dining. The 36-seater vintage style, the air-conditioned cable car goes through the city, while you can enjoy a welcome drink, coffee, tea, and four-course meal alongside city visit.

Address: 109 Worcester St, Christchurch Central, Christchurch 8011, New Zealand

9. Twenty Seven Steps

unique places to eat in New Zealand, top 10 places to eat in New Zealand

Twenty Seven Steps

With regards to the best 10 eateries in New Zealand, there is no spot very like Twenty Seven Steps. Situated close Christchurch Central, this is a cozy and simple restaurant that serves the absolute most scrumptious nearby dishes in the nation. Hospitality and service are top scores while the nourishment cooked and served here can give any top-notch eatery a keep running for their cash. Among all the astounding menu choices, ‘fish of the day’ is without a doubt their main attraction.

Address: 16 New Regent St, Christchurch Central, Christchurch 8011, New Zealand

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10.One Tree Grill

unique places to eat in New Zealand, top 10 places to eat in New Zealand

One Tree Grill

One Tree Grill is a standout amongst the to eateries in Auckland, New Zealand, known for credible local food. With best dishes, skilled staff and vibrant degustation menu; this spot additionally offers space for meet-ups and social functions. Enlivened with vintage furniture, One Tree Grill is the ideal spot to savor neighborhood specialties in New Zealand. One Tree Grill is one of the top 10 places to eat in New Zealand.

Address: 9 Pah Rd, Epsom, Auckland 1023, New Zealand

All of the mentioned above restaurants are the unique places to eat in New  Zealand where you can enjoy the delicious food prepared by the famous chefs of New Zealand. Hope the post is informative to you kindly read our other blogs also if you want to know more about New Zealand.

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