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Norway is a magical Scandinavian nation full of natural phenomena & beautiful landscapes. Whether it’s about the magnificent Northern lights or exotic night-out adventures of Norway, you’ll never be disappointed! Still one must know the “best to enjoy the most”. Here is an insightful adventure list to keep you afloat on the top nightlife fun in Norway.

You can enjoy all 15 or choose your personal favorites. That’s on you! But make sure to have a thriller journey. Try out these 15 iconic Nightlife places in Norway and lemme know how you find these popular junctions? Let’s dive straight into the ocean of fabulous nightlife places in Norway.

List of 15 Incredible Nightlife Places in Norway

1. Nodee Sky, Oslo

Nodee Sky

Nodee Sky

For all the skyline view lovers out there, Nodee Sky is the perfect spot to witness the alluring Nightlife of Norway.  Settled on the top-most floor of two Nodee premises in the Barcode district, Oslo this place is the epitome of surreal night views. A lift takes you up to the top of the building giving a pristine view of Bjørvika and the entire Oslo.

Nodee keeps it crown heavy even in the inventive food section. You can witness some iconic & creative dishes like gold leaf and truffles on their menu.

Location: Dronning Eufemias gate 28, Oslo, Norway

Open: From Thursday to Saturday: 5.00pm-1.00am

Contact: +47 23 62 40 10

2. 34th Restaurant & Bar, Oslo

34th Restaurant & Bar

34th Restaurant & Bar

If you are really enjoying such bird-eye views of Norway’s nightlife scene, then there’s one more gem that can totally surprise you! It is the 34th Restaurant & Bar in Radisson Plaza Blu Hotel. With a stunning elevation of 110 meters from the street level, you can surely grab the most astonishing panorama of the city.

And the four-star hotel reputation of Radisson Plaza Blu Hotel keeps the stakes always high when it comes to a high level of service and quality. So don’t miss this bar in the clouds.

Location: Sonja Henie’s Plass 3, Oslo, Norway

Open: 3 pm to 6 pm, All days

Contact: +47 22 05 80 34

3. Stratos, Oslo



Stratos has been one of the famous places for conducting prestigious functions in the city of Oslo. Situated on the 11th floor of the Folk Theatre building on Youngstorget this beauty is definitely a must-visit for enjoying the nightlife in Oslo, Norway. Though, try visiting the place in summer. As the autumn hits their vacation mode ON! 

A fabulous view from the terrace along with incredible cocktails and drinks, matching up the popping DJ vibes and dance floor sets the mood for a perfect party.

Location: Youngstorget 2, Oslo, Norway

Open: Only on Friday and Saturday, 6 pm to 3 am

Contact: +47 21 04 64 00

4. Kulturhuset, Oslo



Kulturhuset is one the best place for chilling out with your friends at night. With the good vibes, savoring delicious food, and a great space stacked up with delicious drinks it is the best bar to enjoy the top nightlife in Oslo Norway

They even offer spaces for the library, public speaking, and more. Though its demand really peaks high at night. Therefore make sure you book your places prior to the sun saying goodbyes! And night brings long queues outside the bar.

Open: On Monday – Saturday; 8 am to 12 am; Sunday-Closed

Contact: For bookings mail at book@kulturhusetioslo.no

5. The Villa, Oslo

The Villa

The Villa

For all the party geeks out there whose night doesn’t begin until the EDMs & talented DJs bring up their electrifying music in the hub. The Villa Bar is the perfect place to enjoy one of such best nightlife in Oslo, Norway full of groovy music & neon-lit dancing floors.

So, all the party animals who wanna dance the night away in Norway Villa have to be the place. Not just dancing they also have various other socializing activities, whether you’re going solo or going with friends, you’ll definitely have the best night adventures of your life here that’s for sure!

Location: Møllergata 23, Oslo, Norway

Open: Only on Friday and Saturday; 10 pm to 3 am

Contact: For booking visit- http://www.thevilla.no/

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6. Bla, Oslo

Bla, Oslo

Bla, Oslo

Bla has something to offer to all of its visitors.  Whether you are a concert person, shopping person, drinking buddy, or football geek.  Bla has got you covered! Keeping the nights in Norway adventurous & beautiful this bar also offers a mesmerizing river view. Such a topping to its all-rounder service just makes this place a perfect nightlife hotspot to hunt. 

Also, stay updated regarding their upcoming events. As the discounts & offers arrive big & leave early. You don’t wanna miss such a golden chance for your expensive Norway travel after all.

Location: Brenneriveien 9C, Oslo, Norway

Open: Monday- Thursday: 5pm–12am; Friday, 2pm–3am; Sat-Sun: 12pm–3am

Contact: Visit http://www.blaaoslo.no/

7. No Stress, Bergen

No Stress

No Stress

Yeah! You heard it right! This bar is titled ‘No Stress’ I mean why not! It serves what it claims after all. Looking for a stress-free nightlife club in Norway, here is the No stress bar in Bergen. 

Whether you feel like picking up delicious cocktails or laying out some good pick-up lines for someone. No Stress is the place to be. After all, scoring a cocktail coupled with a game of Mario Kart can only be possible in No Stress Club.

Location: Hollendergaten 11, Bergen, Norway

Open: Mon-Thurs, 5pm–1:30am; Fri & Sat, 3pm–2:30am; Sunday: 5pm–1am

Contact: Visit http://www.nostressbar.no/

9. Vaskeriet, Bergen 



Vaskeriet is an all people’s place for spending the surreal nights of Noway peacefully.  It is a place that offers spaces for a formal business outing along with a Silent Disco that awakens the party animals right after 10 pm.

Turning the whole vibe around it is one of the famous hotspots for a night out in Noway. Apparently, you might stumble across long queues after evenings. But their offers definitely worth the wait.

Location: Magnus Barfots gate 4, Bergen, Norway

Open: Wednesday to Saturday: 9 pm–2:30 am

Contact: Visit http://www.vaskerietbar.no/

9. Dyvekes Vinkjeller, Bergen

Dyvekes Vinkjeller

Dyvekes Vinkjeller

Not everyone is a fan of high-end partying & loud DJs at night. Therefore to enjoy an upscale nightlife in Bergen, Norway. Dyvekes Vinkjeller is a popular wine bar, that can fit such a taste. Grab a beer without any snobbery, and enjoy the medieval-looking aesthetics of this refreshing bar with your beloved.

You can also have an outdoor terrace view. It is very popular with locals and visitors. For all those who are seeking a charming and cozy place for a sophisticated night out in Norway, this is it, guys!

Location: Hollendergaten 7, Bergen, Norway

Open: Sun to Friday, 3pm–2am; Saturday, 12pm–2am

Contact: +4755323060

10. Magic Ice, Bergen

Magic Ice Bar

Magic Ice Bar

Well, we are leading towards more rich & innovative experiences on Noway’s night. It can’t be complete until & unless you make a visit to the Magic Ice bar. It is a fabulous combination of a gallery bar where you can enjoy incredible drinks under the roof of artistic ice carvings. 

The entire place captures you in its unique enigma of craftsmanship. Everything ranging from chairs to glasses is made from crystal ice. The famous nightlife in Bergen, Norway will get more interesting once you taste the finest selection of hot & cold beverages here. It is a one-in-a-life experience which I’m sure the wanderlust in you don’t wanna miss! 

Location: C. Sundts gate 50, Bergen, Norway

Open: Sat to Wed, 11 am–12 am; Fri to Thurs, 4 pm–12 pm 

Contact: +4793008023

11. Bardus Bar, Tromso

Bardus Bistro

Bardus Bistro

If you wanna experiment with some scrumptious food then without any second thoughts go straight up to Bardus Bistro. This bar has taken its inspiration from the world-renowned bistros of Southern Europe. 

All together they bring an astounding mix of Norwegian culture to the modern outlet. You can definitely feel the awe & artistry these guys bring through their servings. It is one of the most recommended nightlife fun in Norway that you shouldn’t miss. 

Location: Cora Sandals gate 4, Tromsø, Norway

Open: Tue – Fri, 11am to  10 pm; Saturday, 12–10pm; Sunday, 3–9pm; Monday: Closed

Contact: +4792674888

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12. Ølhallen, Tromso



Carrying the status of the oldest pub in town, Ølhallen has been a favorite hang-out junction for a long time serving all age groups with a similar passion. Though it used to be a fishermen and sailors joint who arrived from the Arctic once. 

But now it houses the iconic Mack Brewery, with 67 different Norwegian ales for trial. Unlike the old times now it closes at 8:30 PM on Monday and Wednesday. So give your weekends a classic touch of authentic beer at Ølhallen’s best Nightlife in Tromso, Norway.

Location: Storgata 4, Tromsø, NO 9008

13. The Irishman, Stavanger

The Irishman

The Irishman

If you wanna get a grip of a hipster Irish bar that screens British sports and serves classic pints of frothy beer glasses. Then,  Irishman is the perfect place to be. It enhances your adventure for nightlife in Stavanger, Norway to another level. It is one of the closest you can get to the Irish celebration in Stavanger.

With cozy vibes & live Irish music on Saturdays. It would be a total hit for your weekends. Whoever seeks bang-on night outs, cold afternoons, or wishes to have a peaceful Irish coffee in the morning should certainly consider this bar.

Location: Høleberggata 9, 4006 Stavanger, Norway

Open: Monday and Tuesday: 17.00-24.00. Wednesday: 17.00-24.00. Thursday and Friday: 15.00-02.00. Saturday: 13.00-02.00. Sunday: 15.00-24.00

Phone: +47 51 89 41 81

14. Broremann Bar, Stavanger

Broremann Bar

Broremann Bar

All the cocktail connoisseurs, get ready to knock yourself out with the most sophisticated cocktail mixtures! As Broremann Bar never goes generic when it comes to their cocktail concoctions. They also love sharing the magic. You can easily enjoy their cocktail tasting events, which also feature substantial products and ingredients involved.

They provide a courtyard and other rooms for informal work, get-togethers, and birthday celebrations. So no more last-min calls for a night out in Norway! This option will fill all your requirements. You just have to book your slot & be ready to get badly boozed!

Location: Skansegata 7, Stavanger, Norway

Open: Friday and Saturday: 4pm- 2am. All other days: 6pm-2am

Phone: +47 40 63 67 83

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15. Diskoteket, Trondheim



What is much better than shaking your belly on the iconic dance floors of Norway.  Diskoteket is one of the city’s popular clubs for enjoying world-renowned DJs live.

Throughout the week, they make sure you fire the dance floor with your highly cool moves. If you think dance is not your cup of tea! Well, the bar is filled with tonnes of refreshing drinks. How ’bout you try some of those!? 

Location: Kongsgårdsgata 3, Trondheim, Norway

Open: Monday-Saturday: 8pm-2.30am Sunday: closed.

Phone: +47 400 01 744

Hope your nightlife in Norway gets a bang-on adventure through these 15 amazing places to visit in Norway. Surely, there are many more glazing northern lights that might grab your attention. But for partying or enjoying some intimate moments at sophisticated dinner dates with your beloved. These 15 places to enjoy the best nightlife in Norway will surely tune in.

For more engaging blogs like these head on to Adequate Travels. Ping us your travel journeys, I would love to hear from my readers!

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