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Berlin is a beautiful city that is filled with the epic history of World War II and tonnes of legendary events occurring around those hard times. Yet, there is far more to explore than just the horrors of German’s wars. Berlin owns the best location in Germany where you can have the splendor of high mountains and beautiful riverside parks and cities. Berlin is famous for incredible historical times that registered the dawn of huge changing moments for the whole world. There are lots of absurd and unique landmarks for which Berlin is known for. You can visit some of the largest parks of the world or just hang around the extraordinary museums or abandoned sites that marked the journey of various iconic circumstances from the past. Hence I have curated a list of 10 best reasons for which Berlin is best-known for, providing you, a short brief list to follow while you head towards an adventurous trip in Berlin.

List of Reasons Berlin is Popular

1. Museums

What Berlin is Known For


A city with the most prominent past of WWII must be efficiently holding the richest memories inside their museums to explore. You can visit the Pergamon museum which is the most famous place to experience the treasure trove of monumental architecture from ancient civilizations in Berlin. If you have are curious to know about Hitler’s work or Jewish execution then you can go for the JĂĽdisches Museum housing a very comprehensive exhibit that is beyond the Holocaust, tracing the rich history of Jews in Germany. Berling is popular for the Deutsches Technik museum especially among the youngsters as it holds plenty of planes, trains, boats and automobiles, plus the world’s first computer and other tech gems that most of the young are interested to explore.

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2. Abandoned Sights

What Berlin is Known For

Abandoned places

These are the most interesting expeditions that rank top on every traveler’s list. Afterall you visit museums for the registered histories but there is a whole world that exists which was never officially counted. You can be a part of that history if you explore the abandoned sites of Berlin. Some of the most famous reasons that answer why Berlin is famous? Is lying in the spy stations, skeletal buildings, forgotten theme parks and deserted bunkers that are scattered all throughout Berlin. These sites are drowned in the unique history and eerie beauty which makes anyone easily fascinated. Such sites continue to attract a lot of urban explorers to capture the city’s hollow remains. So, don’t forget to bring your high-focus lenses while visiting these classic destinations.

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3. Nightlife

What Berlin is Known For


Berlin’s nightlife is famous all over the world. After all the exciting beach or island cities in the world, Berlin is the best place to spend your nights in the clubs and bars that are booming with cultural and modernized explosions of music and dance. It’s surprising but Berlin encounters around 40,000 to 50,000 visitors every weekend. There are very unique and astonishing clubs where you can enjoy the best drinks and nightlife such as the Ritter Butzke Labyrinthine party house which is an extended electro-house dance club where you can hardly ignore any exciting dance duet. If you want some serious dance battles or heavy Berlin music then go visit the Clärchens Ballhaus which is the hotspot for Salsa, tango, ballroom, disco and campy retro ballroom dance clubbing. These things are the top reasons Berlin is best-known for, among various age groups all around the globe. There are other intensive party animal zones in this city such as Anomalie Art Club or KitKatClub where you can spend your night partying.

4. Vibrant streets

What Berlin is Known For

Vibrant streets

Such cultures are very rare as most of the government don’t allow the street artist to fill their plain classic walls with vibrant colours. But, not in Berlin. Infarct, street art has been in the trends from very ancient times in Berlin. Now, it’s hard to find a corner of Berlin that isn’t singing with street art, particularly at Kreuzberg and Neukölln. So, if you wonder what Berlin is most famous for? Then you should explore the vibrant streets of this city that are reflecting artistic energy humming all throughout the areas.

5. WWII Sites

What Berlin is Known For

WWII Sites

As stated earlier Berlin was the city that marked the damnation of the German Army and Hitler’s dictatorship from all over the world. Therefore, Berlin is highly accounted for the demise of brutal fights in World War II. You can explore the Topographie des Terrors that carves out the layers of brutality done by the Nazi regime on the site of the SS and Gestapo command centers. Berlin is well-known for the Sachsenhausen which was Nazi Germany’s first concentration camps, in Oranienburg lying just north of Berlin rejuvenating all the horrendous past of Germany. Haus der Wannsee-Konferenz is another famous landmark that makes anyone shivers with terror as it was the place where Nazi leaders discussed the ‘Final Solution'(We all know what it was!).

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6. Diverse foods

What Berlin is Known For

Diverse food

After a heavy ride through all the dark and legendary past, you must find something bright and incredible. And there’s no better way to explore such conditions other than the multicultural food diversity of Berlin. This multicultural society has integrated itself nicely into the foodie scene that you can’t stop yourself from trying new and iconic dishes that are just mouth-watering from their mere looks. Such a delicious gastronomy landscape with amazing street food markets and unique restaurants is the best idea to know why is Berlin popular? .

7. Music

What Berlin is Known For


For all the Music connoisseurs Berliner Philharmonie is the most iconic classical concert venue that houses world-famous Berliner Philharmoniker and many other highly illustrious music legends from all around the world. You must try listening to Berlin music. For, sure you will find your favourite tuning. Astra Kulturhaus is also a very crucial site for the midsize concert hall where the commie-era decor draws big rock, pop and electro names you adore even today. They account for the famous landmarks in Berlin which include Konzerthaus- a jewel destination designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel for collecting the fabulous classical music venue every year.

8. Parks & Gardens

What Berlin is Known For

Parks and Gardens

Parks and Gardens are our best and cheapest hangout joints in the traveling places as they provide a peaceful and relaxing time out without any higher cost for stay. But, Berlin has royalty even in such simple destinations. You must visit Tiergarten which is the best spot for getting lost amid lawns, trees and paths inside the world’s largest city parks. You can also visit Volks park Friedrichshain if you are rambling around a place starting ‘people’s park’ as they offer numerous diversions and cover two ‘mountains’ made from WWII debris. If you want more about what Berlin, Germany is famous for? Then exploring Viktoria park is the best choice for this pint-sized park atop Berlin’s highest ‘peak’, Kreuzberg.

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9. Markets

What Berlin is Known For


In the end, it’s always about shopping for some nice souvenirs and finding unique things to buy in Berlin. Therefore, if you want to experience the best market zones then Berlin will always rank first. The Street Food Thursday Global bites is a local craft market place for the iconic and delicious foods of Berlin. Türkischer Markt Berlin also adds up the charm with its consolidation from the Bosphorus canal-side farmers market that has some of the cheapest budget-priced produce. Another hipster flea market- Nowkoelln Flowmarkt is the top place for buying the best handmade treasures and attending impromptu concerts in Berlin.

10. Free Stuff

What Berlin is Known For

Free stuff

Who wouldn’t love free rides or journeys on their vacations? Therefore, Berlin is the only city that showers its travelers with a modest free area that can make their journeys easier and budget-free. East Side Gallery is the best spot for spending your time in the longest surviving section of the Berlin Wall, which is an open-air mural meaning you can watch this whole place for free. Clärchens Ballhaus Great is a famous 19th-century dance hall that is also under the free gifts of Berlin where you can even book a table in advance. Tempelhofer Feld is what is Berlin well-known for? As these former runways which are also the world’s largest urban parks are free for everyone to spend their leisure time.

Hope you enjoyed the above mentioned top 10 reasons for what is Berlin known for? and what are the famous landmarks in Berlin, Germany that you must explore? There are lots of engaging places that you will come across inside the above-mentioned suggestions about why Berlin is popular? Holding an epic journey in themselves. If you like our blog do comment and follow our other blogs for more engaging info like these.

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