Top 8 Beautiful Beaches in Prague | Best Beaches in Prague

Prague is a beautiful city filled with a rich history and vibrant cultures. Apart from famous artworks and enthusiastic locals, this city has worked very hard to create popular beaches in Prague that can satiate the hunger for fun in all the adventurous travelers visiting this city and bring the best tourism traffic to the city. Beach is one of the best destinations which infuses a sense of relaxation and gives off the best nostalgic memories that can be relished later on in life. Therefore, if you are also seeking a nice beach near Prague to enjoy the summers at their best then just follow up the given below list of 10 famous beaches of Prague that can ease your body and mind with their fabulous soothing breeze of the sandy shores.

List of Beaches in Prague

1. Vltava Beach (Pláž Vltavy)

Best Beaches in Prague

Vltava Beach (Pláž Vltavy)

If you want to experience surreal nature surrounding the sandy shores of the beach of Prague then surely visit this beach. It is located on the banks of river Vltava and is famous for the number of beautiful swans and adorably cute ducks that are regularly seen on this beach doing the usual ‘Quack-Quack’. The visitors can enjoy a wide range of activities along with relaxing under the vibrant colored beach umbrellas such as swimming, boating or just have a chill-out time with friends at the beach while having a grand view of the Charles Bridge. You get to taste some really good food from the local catch as numerous restaurants and cafes surround the place inappreciably.

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2. Smíchov Beach (Smíchovská Pláž)

Best Beaches in Prague

Smíchov Beach (Smíchovská Pláž)

One of the artificial beaches in Prague has been created from 700 tons of imported sand nearby a huge swimming lake fully equipped with deck chairs for relaxation and well-managed accommodations for playing games like volleyball, basketball, and badminton on the beach. Since, the beach is also used as a venue for live music shows, dance shows, and various entertainment events you can catch up with a really good beach party full of fun and music that goes on still mornings. This destination is packed up with more of a full-pack entertainment hub than just being a beach.

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3. Lhota Lake (Jezero Lhota)

Best Beaches in Prague

Lhota Lake (Jezero Lhota)

Another great spot for travelers searching for a good natural envisioned beach, the Lhota Lake in Prague satisfies almost all such necessities in one stroke. You have to take a short drive from the city to reach this man-made lake flourished with soft sand, picturesque views, and the sight of luscious pretty pine trees giving off the perfect beach vibes you need after going through various site tours in Prague. Hene, this is a must-visit beach in Prague that gives you a perfect place for spending peaceful times with your loved ones, family, and friends.

4. Zlute Lazne

Best Beaches in Prague

zlute lazne

Not only Prague but this beach is washed up by the river which is basically a lifeline of the Czech Republic, the Vltava River. This river is home to the best beaches in Prague that you won’t find anywhere else. The long sandy beach of Zlute Lazne is the best spot to spend leisure time along with experiencing the fabulous core cuisines of the place from the chain of restaurants and bars lining the beach. There are numerous children’s play areas and even a dance floor making it perfect for a complete family vacation. You can even hire a boat or catamaran and enjoy the water views or roller skates, scooters or bicycles over the smooth promenade areas nearby the beach.

5. Lipno Dam Beaches

Best Beaches in Prague

Lipno Dam Beaches

Located in the beautiful countryside of Sumava this beach gets its water embellishments from the dam and hydroelectric project of the Czech Republic which is built across the Vltava River and contributes as one of the largest dams of its kind set in the area. You receive a boldly stunning panoramic view, therefore, don’t miss bringing your best lenses of the camera. This is purely a chilling zone where people wash off the summer heat and rejuvenate their relaxing minds with fresh coconut juices. Being one of the famous beaches in Prague you experience a great amount of activity in the form of cycling, inline skating, sailing, windsurfing, swimming etc. provided at great lengths here.

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6. Nudist Beach

Best Beaches in Prague

nudist beach

Fans or supporters of exclusive naturism will be thrilled to know that Prague also owns a nudist beach which has its regions covered and specifically dedicated to naturists. One among those is the nudist beach of Prague which accounts for being the largest nude beach located in the entire east Bohemia region. This beach is situated in Stare Zdanice, which can be another exploring adventure for you as Stare is a small village having around 600 inhabitants, located in the Pardubice Region of Prague in the Czech Republic.

7. Hostivarska Prehrada

Best Beaches in Prague

Hostivarska Prehrada

With a serene vibe and wonderful location that promises you a fun-filled weekend full of energetic sports at the best beach in Prague then surely it’s Hostivarska Prehrada. This beach offers the joy of various games, water sports, and the beauty of nature in one place. This beach is situated at the outskirts of Prague precisely being on the border of Prague 15 and Prague 10. You can also visit the dense forest area that lies alongside the city’s largest reservoir nearby this beach. There is a wide range of beach sports accommodations available which can definitely tempt your mind and body such as beach bars, tennis, volleyball courts, water slides, a children’s play area, boat rentals, and several fast food joints.

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8. Komarovsky Rybnik

Best Beaches in Prague

Komarovsky Rybnik

This beach was a fishing center formerly in Prague. Infarct the water body supporting this beach, Komarovsky Pond is the second largest pond in the Bohemian Paradise Protected Landscape Area. Since it is situated in the recreation area of Branzez, it serves as an ideal site for quick getaways or passerby beach spots. Not only beach sports but you get to explore various beaches and campsites surrounding the pond with its easily accessible waters and sandy bottom. While the nearby terrain areas of this spectacular beach in Prague are suitable for hiking, cycling, swimming, etc.

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Hope you enjoyed this list of top 8 beaches in Prague that are perfect for any traveller whether with friends or family you can experience a great amount of fun at all the mentioned beaches of Prague. Along with beaches, the lining chain of delicious food serving restaurants makes the trip more wholesome and exciting. The best tours are those which can give you a relaxed feeling and good food. All of these necessities are fulfilled by the best beaches to visit in Prague and despite some of them being man-made they sustain the best accommodations for complete fun and enjoyment. Whereas, don’t forget to like, share, and comment under our articles keeping our bloggers motivated to write more engaging blogs like these for you!

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