Top 11 Souvenirs to Buy in Florence | Best Things to Buy in Florence

Florence is one of the luxurious vintage shopping zones in Italy. You can find, best of the items to either gift or take away as memorabilia for your trips only in Florence. Being the hub of trendiest style and fashion, you can get the best things to buy in Florence over the shopping streets in the city but since there are some items that are copied extravagantly buying expensive things from streets is lethal. Therefore, I have curated a list of well-known things to buy in Florence, Italy that is definitely super classy but you have to lose the rope of money as some things are going to be expensive but they are worth the money for sure.

List of Things to Buy in Florence

1. Jewels and Gold

 What to Buy in Florence, Things to Buy in Florence

Jewels and Gold

Some cliche gifts never go out of trends and the most popular of these gifts are golden accessories. You can find the Italian handcrafted gold jewellery in Florence that is without any doubt amongst the most exclusive and sought-after things to buy in Florence. These are purchased over the features of being high quality and exclusive items whose custom designs are really hard to find anywhere else in the country. You can find the most famous gold accessories in a town named Ponte Vecchio, which is literally the oldest bridge over the Arno river, having a historic gold shop legacy of operating since the 12th century.

2. Pottery

 What to Buy in Florence, Things to Buy in Florence


After a sought-after gift, if you are on a shopping spree in Florence to get something for your homes then pottery are the famous things to buy in Florence. Montelupo town in this city is well known for boasting a pottery tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages. You can find wonderful handmade reproductions of Robbie (Renaissance-style glazed terracotta) here. These items account for a fabulous present with a touch of Italian artistic charm as well. If you want long-lasting cutlery for your kitchens back at home then ceramics jars of this city are worth considering.

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3. Leather Gloves

What to Buy in Florence, Things to Buy in Florence

Leather Gloves

Florence ranks among the top famous places that deliver the high-level fashions all around the globe. Therefore, it’s prominent to find various clothing items in this city that are just one-in-a-kind in their designs. If you are also wondering what to buy in Florence? Then look for Madova gloves that are made of kidskin, lambskin, nubuck calf leather, lined in cashmere, silk, rabbit, lamb or merino sheep wool etc. These gloves come in a wide variety of colours. These might be tight in the beginning but later they are perfect in the shape of your hands. And even if you are in confusion about your hand-size then leave it over Florentine sellers they can find an ideal fit after just a single glance at one’s hand. Prices start at 35 euros for the plainest models and reach up to 200 euros for the most sophisticated and styled gloves.

4. Decorative Plates

What to Buy in Florence, Things to Buy in Florence

Decorative Plates

The other ceramics of Florence are no wonder a masterpiece of art but if you look for the authentic artistry then you can watch over the incredible mosaic painting in their churches. They are just fabulous. Such a tradition of paintings has been rooted since the 1950s. Ceramiche Ricceri is a very famous figure who is associated with handmade pottery, especially, with the art of creating wonderful pots and plates, depicting Florentine Renaissance art, dating back to the 16th century. You must buy these decorated plates they can glorify your collection of antiquities much more than anything from Florence. Such ornamental plates painted with fruits or flowers, immediately recalling Tuscany are certainly true masterpieces.

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5. Bemer’s Shoes

What to Buy in Florence, Things to Buy in Florence

Bemer’s Shoes

For men, these are the best souvenirs to buy in Florence. If you are looking for a great men’s made-to-measure and prĂŞt-Ă -porter footwear then just without any doubt buy Bemer’s shoes. They combine classic designs with a modern flair, in fact, there is also a small Bemer’s workshop (at Borgo San Frediano, 69) which is a very well-patronized boutique to choose some of the most exclusive designs. Stefano Bemer’s name is widely recognized as one of the five main shoemakers in Europe. As, these shoes are very precious hence you need to be very careful while keeping it. They are preserved well and Stefano Bemer even provides his customers with exclusive shoe wax to take extra care of their shoes.

6. Florentine Chocolate

What to Buy in Florence, Things to Buy in Florence

Florentine Chocolate

Such threats are everyone’s favourite no matter how much adults you become! But Chocolate in Florence is synonymous with Andrea Bianchini. His chocolate workshop makes some of the finest chocolate seductions in town. These are some of the top things to buy in Florence. You can choose amongst his pralines, the “dark chocolate and saffron” or the other flavours. Since all of them are made with equatorial cacao, paprika, cardamom, allspice and Norman salt they all taste perfect.  The dark chocolate is a true flavour explosion which you can find in Florence, while the white chocolate – flavoured with matcha green tea are some of the best chocolates if you like gentle flavours.

7. Passamaneria Toscana Textiles

What to Buy in Florence, Things to Buy in Florence

Passamaneria Toscana Textiles

Specializing in brocade textiles with a classical Florentine style, these are some of the classic presents you can find in this city. They are quite expensive but you are really looking for one-of-a-kind materials such as tassels, pillowcases, trimmings, bed covers, wall hangings, table runners and other original luxury goods of elaborate designs from Florence then you must go for Passamaneria Toscana Textiles. These are made of silk and woven with gold and silver threads, sometimes you can even find ornamented raised flowers and foliage over different items. These are some of the must-buy things in Florence that you should try once for sure. 

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8. Fashionable Raincoats

What to Buy in Florence, Things to Buy in Florence

Fashionable Raincoats

Why not make the rains more fashionable when every season has its custom clothes? That you can make easily in Florence as their Italian-made Allegri raincoats are no less than a designer dress. This Florentine brand is synonymous with quality and original trends, combining elegance with high-level technical content. If you wonder what to buy from Florence? Then these raincoats are the best options. Their hi-tech fabrics are specially constructed after conducting years of research and experimentation with new waterproof materials. The successful result of such work comes up with top functional and fashionable raincoats.

9. Mosaic Tiles

What to Buy in Florence, Things to Buy in Florence

Mosaic Tiles

Since all the other countries manufacture mosaic tiles similarly. You must look out the designs of the Florentine mosaic that are really different from other generic beautiful forms of decoration. Here they take on the characteristics of a “painting in stone” very seriously that you can barely find any flaw in any of their paintings. Their perfection requires several months of work that comes from the use of original Tuscan stones and the ability of the masters to put them together. As they are much expensive when hand-painted hence you must be careful while buying these popular things in Florence. 

10. Panerai Watches

What to Buy in Florence, Things to Buy in Florence

Panerai Watches

Swiss watches have already won the remarks of being the most precise clocks but when it comes to design, Italians are unbeatable. These Panerai watches styled in the Italian tradition can tempt anyone to buy them at any moment. Along with that if paired with Swiss technology, Panerai wristwatches are simply perfect. They have been referred to as “art in motion”, that goes definitely with its style and aura. Such quality and luxury can’t be found anywhere that’s why just grab them if you are looking for style in your wardrobe. These are definitely one of the top things to buy in Florence for any watch lover.

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11. Florentine Olive Oil

 What to Buy in Florence, Things to Buy in Florence

Florentine Olive Oil

Italian gastronomic excellence, Tuscan olive oil is a tremendous gift not to be missed, when visiting Florence. You can use such quality of oils in a plethora of versions and it will prove its excellence in every field so don’t leave out these top souvenirs to buy in Florence when you already know you are not just buying a good present but a great healthy product for your loved ones. 75 ml can cost around 7.50 euros, while an “extra virgin” oil starts at 9 euros a bottle. You can choose according to your requirements and budget. 

Hope you enjoyed the 11 famous things to buy in Florence that are super classy and call for the best fashion statement. You can buy as par items whichever is preferable according to your budget. As I have curated all the useful items about what to buy in Florence, Italy? That ranges from cheapest to most expensive; you can easily pick out your favourites. So Like, share and comment if you enjoyed this blog and head to our other blogs for exploring more about this city.

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