What to Buy in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia? | Top Souvenirs to Buy in Kuala Lumpur

There are a lot of dazzling items in the markets of Kuala Lumpur that are very adorable and seem to be the best mementos to take back home but when you closely inspect such items either their prices are too high or you become doubtful of their authenticity. Kuala Lumpur is also the hub of migrants who bring a lot of cultural artifacts from their own country as well hence its such a struggle regarding What to buy in Kuala Lumpur? especially by new travelers. You might end up finding your favorite gift but the prices sometimes go way beyond your budget, therefore, I have mentioned a list of top 15 things to buy in Kuala Lumpur that are super classy, useful and light on the budget.

List of 15 Best Souvenirs to Buy in Kuala Lumpur

1. Batik

What to Buy in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Some of the very initial thoughts that pass by your mind when you are thinking of buying vacation gifts for your loved ones back at home are clothes. So don’t let those thoughts go empty-handed in Kuala Lumpur which is famous for their Batik fabrics, a type of cloth made from pure silk and often used to create shirts and accessories. This is a very high-quality material that is decorated from elaborate and multicolored embroideries yielding an ideal thing to buy in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia for arts and refined cloth lovers. This fabric can range from RM 40 ($9.60) up to RM 100+ ($24) depending on various qualities of the fabric. For finding the best batik visit Koleksi Melayu, M15, in Central Market Annexe, Jalan Hang Kasturi, 50050 Kuala Lumpur.

2. Sarong

What to Buy in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Another great quality of the fabric is versatile and worn by both men and women in entire Malaysia. You can easily find these clothes at the famous fabric stores in KL. Sarongs are extremely adaptable cloths, and you can use them in a lot of ways ranging from clothing to a wall hanging decor of your guest rooms. These are the perfect answers for your What to purchase in Kuala Lumpur? That is cheap and the best.

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3. Songket

What to Buy in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

If you have filtered options that remove all the extra embroideries from your comfortable clothing type then you can easily go for this fabric in KL that is very unique to Malaysians consisting of multi-colored threads interwoven into patterns similar to batik. The material itself can be used to make clothes and accessories or hang on your wall as a decoration. Songket represents the fusion of Chinese, Malaysian and Indian cultures that you can buy in Kuala Lumpur. These popular things to buy in Kuala Lumpur can be best bought at Peninsular Arts & Borneo Crafts, B09 in Central Market Annexe, Jalan Hang Kasturi, 50050 Kuala Lumpur.

4. Cucuk Sanggul

What to Buy in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

If you love to decorate your hairs and buy endless clips to suit the different hairstyles you must not miss out on the Cucuk Sanggul in Kuala Lumpur. These are adorable hairpins made from either silver or gold with a decorative end and sometimes have different colorful patterns or images of various animal and mythical creatures from Malaysian epics. These can be the best souvenirs to buy in Kuala Lumpur at the very least costs that range from about $22 to $74 and can reach higher prices depending on the material quality.

5. Tropical Fruit Chocolate

What to Buy in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

All the accessories and clothing are sometimes old schools for your young kids and they want some famous confectionery to amaze their friends in school from their incredible vacation trips. But usually, the food items are very expensive and especially when they are chocolates in foreign cities. But you don’t have to wonder: What can you buy in Kuala Lumpur? That is delicious and cheap as well. As the rainforests of Kuala Lumpur are very wide and every year a lot of tropical fruits are harvested that are used to make the famous tropical chocolate here that have flavors of various notorious tropical fruits such as durian, jackfruit and many others. You may not be able to bring the fruit but you can bring their delicious sweet essence in the form of chocolates.

6. Instant noodles

What to Buy in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Any Chinese or Japanese influenced city can serve you with their best slurpy noodles but who dares to give away those secret ingredients that make them extraordinary? Perhaps Kuala Lumpur’s markets do, as you can take away a lot of different kinds of noodles and store them in your shelves for years without any stress and these noodles can suffice your guests or you as well for an instant tasty meal. Most noodles are unique to Asia and may not be available back home but you can buy a lot of Malaysian ones and bring them back home as it’s the famous thing to buy in Kuala Lumpur. A pack of five local instant noodles should cost you no more than RM 6 (less than $2), which is much cheaper than many other countries.

7. Rice Wine

What to Buy in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

All th7. e western people can easily relate to the expensive prices they have to pay for buying wines from different countries. But don’t panic as in Kuala Lumpur if you can crack up the perfect place and perfect deal you will get a 1-litre bottle of rice wine for as little as RM 10 to 20 ($2.40 to $4.80). Isn’t it the best gift to buy in Kuala Lumpur? that you can bring back for your all-time homecoming parties without spending a lot of money. Since these are indigenous drinks which are made by special communities in Sabah and Sarawak only who brew a special type of liquor later termed as rice wine sold all over Kuala Lumpur.

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8. Dodol

What to Buy in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

For all the sweet lovers who can’t stand still without putting a sticky toffee inside their mouths while working or reading this place provides a perfect snack for your pass time. Dodos are sweet sticky toffees with a soft texture and often eaten as a dessert in Kuala Lumpur. There are various flavors available for this delicious thing to buy in Kuala Lumpur out of these tropical fruits such as durian are most famous among travelers. If you ever visit KL during Malaysia’s major festivals, you may even be able to find a better deal for these sweet snacks. You can get a perfect deal at Pak Lang Dodol shop in Central Market Annexe, Jalan Hang Kasturi.

9. Bamboo Handicrafts

What to Buy in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

You might find a lot of bamboo cutleries in the famous restaurants of Kuala Lumpur that are super classy and you want such decorations in your homes as well. There are a very large variety of small bamboo boxes, containers, cutleries that are handcrafted and painted by local Malaysian tribes in KL. Unlike some years ago, today, it is quite possible to obtain rather colourful bamboo items that can be the top souvenir to buy in Kuala Lumpur. These souvenirs don’t only sit back on your shelves but serve some very useful purposes so why not bring them? Even the range of prices on bamboo items runs from RM16 to RM60 that are very affordable in comparison to your other cutleries. You can look for these at G23 (Asli Kraft) in Central Market Annexe, Jalan Hang Kasturi, 50050 Kuala Lumpur.

10. Wau Kite

What to Buy in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

A very ethical gift of a Malaysian kite that you can take back home for your kids or even for yourself. This originated in the state of Kelantan of the Malaysian Peninsular where the Malay men have been actively involved in Wau flying competitions in Kelantan and Terengganu. Usually, these kites are quite large in size and it won’t be possible for you to carry one on board back at home. But shops in KL offer some smaller versions now that serve as the best things you can buy in Kuala Lumpur during your transits.  You can grab some of the best designs of Wau kite at Ka50 in Central Market Annexe, Kuala Lumpur.

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11. Kerongsang

What to Buy in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

These are some of the signature jewelry that you must buy in KL, especially for women. As the women normally wearing a set of Baju Kebaya or other clothing use the Kerongsang brooches to hold together their dresses. As the small Kerongsang is used to hold the tudung securely. Another larger-sized Kerongsang might be used to hold the top portion of the Malay Baju Kebaya. These are beautifully designed into shapes of mythical creatures or tropical flowers of Malaysia that easily fall under must buy things in Kuala Lumpur for enhancing your special accessories collections. You can find the best KL brooches in Zakir Batik in Central Market Annexe, located near Jalan Hang Kasturi.

12. Sabah Pearls

What to Buy in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Pearls are women’s second-best friend after diamonds, so what better gift to buy in Kuala Lumpur than adorable pearls. You can look for original pearls in Sabah where these accessories are often less expensive than elsewhere. These pearls were caught from the depths of the South China Sea by a lot of divers in old times to make a living. But today, a lot of shops in Sabah sell different varieties of pearls as ornaments and jewelry by molding them into beautiful necklaces and earrings. You can deal up to RM 100 ($24) to several thousands of ringgits on the basis of the quality of pearls just don’t forget to take any local with you for bargaining. You can land on the Borneo Pearls shop for the best quality pearl at Central Market Annexe in Kuala Lumpur.

13. Sabah Tea

What to Buy in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


For all the green organic teach lovers this is your stall to hop in! As Tea drinkers will love the locally-produced organic Sabah Tea grown in Sabah and West Malaysia. There are also some amazing tours that are available for those who are interested in exploring the processes of tea making from depths. Some say the tea has health benefits too. The little packets can be the top souvenirs to buy in Kuala Lumpur when you love to gift healthy things to your loved ones. Be sure to order a cup for sampling the strong tastes of this tea before buying a few boxes for your home.

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14. Spices

What to Buy in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Visiting an Asian country and returning with no spices is a shame! I am just kidding or perhaps taking out the long old racism stuck with the Asian countries. But yeah this city really has some versatile spices like saffron, paprika, curry powder, turmeric among other types of stuff that can make your foods magically delicious. The best part for must buy things in Kuala Lumpur is that you can crack up these precious spices over the sales, at very reasonable prices along with tonnes of cooking tips all from the spice markets of Kuala Lumpur.

15. Old Town Instant White Coffee

What to Buy in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

If your first love is coffee instead of tea, don’t worry I am not going to judge you and your boring breakfast(actually I did sorry!). The strong flavors you desire in your morning caffeine doses with a texture that’s both silky and smooth to drink is all potioned into the famous White coffees of Kuala Lumpur. Tourists tend to fall in love with this coffee. You can buy a big packet of instant coffee with 15 sachets in the local supermarkets costing you around only $4. I mean seriously you are still thinking what to buy in Kuala Lumpur?  Just grab some dozen of boxes, who knows when the next time arrives? allowing you to have your favorite drink which you can bring back home.

Hope you loved this entourage of top 15 items to buy in Kuala Lumpur that is super classy for your homes and super delicious for your kid’s get together parties. Just follow the trails of Central Market Annexure and you will end with the most amazing things in your hands without spending a lot of money.

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