Top 10 Foods to Eat in Rome | Famous Foods to Try in Rome

Rome is the city of rich history and Italian ancient Roman cultures. Rome has already impressed the whole world with its long lineage of incredible rulers and thinkers but food connoisseurs are the ones which emerge from its Italian influence. Such inspiration brings out some of the best food in Rome that is not only super delicious but also their rich history along with ease of availability makes them more famous among the travellers. There are some of the top delicious cuisines that you can explore in Rome which remarks a very incredible take to all of their neighbouring traditional dishes too. Rome in itself has its iconic dishes that you must try for sure. But to find out the perfect flavours rotten from the authentic Roman cultures isn’t an easy job. Hence I have curated a list of top 10 foods to try in Rome, Italy that is super delicious and famous among the travellers.

List of Popular Foods in Rome

1. Pizza al Taglio

 Best foods to Eat in Rome, Foods of Rome

Pizza al Taglio

Well, it would be an insult if we start our food suggestion without the inclusion of such a dish that made Italy and its capital Rome, recognised with their signature foods all over the globe. Hence, you must try the top foods of Rome that is a typical Italian pizza that is baked in large square trays with a variety of toppings that range from simple marinara (red sauce) to expensive gourmet slices of local cheeses, vegetables, and meats. The best feature about the pizza you buy in Rome is their selling pattern where you are charged by the kilo per type of slice in Pizza instead of being a medium or large shape. So don’t forget to enjoy this luxury of Pizza in abundance at this city.

2. Rigatoni Carbonara

 Best foods to Eat in Rome, Foods of Rome

Rigatoni Carbonara

This dish is not just a preparation of cuisines its an art form that requires major skills to offer a perfect Rigatoni. Such creamy cuisine with a rich Roman sauce on top of it is one of those dishes you dream about. But Rome is offering such an incredible cuisine where the raw eggs, pecorino romano and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, and guanciale (Italian cured pork cheek) and Pancetta (cured pork belly) are cooked in such a proportion that you won’t be able to turn your eyes away from it. This delicious food to try in Rome is one of the top concerns if you want to experience the real flavours of Roman cuisine.

3. Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe

 Best foods to Eat in Rome, Foods of Rome

Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe

There are a lot of pasta dishes that are served in Rome but the there are only rare cuisines that only uses local Cacio cheese (a sheep’s milk cheese from the countryside of Rome), a bit of the starchy pasta water from boiling the pasta and black pepper for their preparation. Such a simple dish can become one of the famous food in Rome is only because of its incredible flavours and textures that every foodie loves to try again and again. Such flavours are the true remark that Cacio e Pepe is a very simple ingredient dish but its really hard to pull off the

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4. Bucatini Amatriciana

 Best foods to Eat in Rome, Foods of Rome

Bucatini Amatriciana

There are, a lot of pasta in Rome but since there are a lot of dishes that are derived from this genre of cooking. Just think a thick spaghetti with a bigger hole in the middle to slurp up the sauce which is definitely going to make your foods in Rome, Italy much more delicious and amazing. Amatriciana is the sauce which is so popular among these dishes. There are a lot of menus at Italian-American restaurants where you can find these famous dishes even out of the world.

5. Maritozzi

Best foods to Eat in Rome, Foods of Rome


First and foremost, don’t fall for ‘Marozzi’ which is actually interstate Italian buses, its ‘Maritozzi’. Hence, if you are looking for delicious-looking breakfast in Rome there are some of the best foods in Rome. Maritozzi is basically a yeasted bun for breakfast that has a variety of versions ranging from chocolate chips till fresh Panna (whipped cream). You must pair these bins with the espresso to give your mornings a good start. This is a must-try food in Rome that you can have even in the affordable rates.

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6. Artichokes

Best foods to Eat in Rome, Foods of Rome


You might have tried these fruits before but finding the best-cooked versions of these cuisines can only be found in Rome. There two very popular ways to find artichokes served in Rome: Jewish style (deep-fried) and Roman style (stewed with mint, parsley, and garlic). This is one of the famous foods to eat in Rome. While both ways are delicious, there is something special about a crispy, salty fried artichoke over the streets that rule out all of your delicious fantasies for any other foods.

7. Pecorino Romano Cheese

 Best foods to Eat in Rome, Foods of Rome

Pecorino Romano Cheese

Out of all of the famous cheese preparations in Rome, you can find the best foods to try in Rome usually made with these cheeses. There is delicious salty cheese which is made with sheep’s milk known as Pecorino cheeses. These are used to make some of the creamy and textured, dishes in Rome. People take these dishes more seriously as these were used as a diet of soldiers at war during Roman times. 

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8. Supplì

 Best foods to Eat in Rome, Foods of Rome


Besides, all the fast foods in Rome this is one of the top snacks in Rome that travellers love to eat. These Roman snacks are worth seeking out if you are a fan of street foods. Such piping-hot ball of fried deliciousness are the good suppli that is made with creamy rice mixed with a meat and tomato sauce and have a gooey piece of mozzarella cheese in the centre. Such delicacy can only be found in Rome. 

9. Saltimbocca

Best foods to Eat in Rome, Foods of Rome


This famous dish literally, means “jumps in your mouth” and it actually comes successfully with its title. These dishes are basically meat dishes which is stuffed and rolled up and cooked in white wine and butter. Such foods of Rome remarks the journey of food especially for the Italian cuisine in Rome. This is a dish that when done well, melts in your mouth so why not serve yourself with the best foods available in the city?

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10. Gelato

Best foods to Eat in Rome, Foods of Rome


Let’s end this food tour in Rome on a sweet note. These delights are jelly-like delicious ice cream that you barely find anywhere in the world. You can find the best of these gelatos in Sicily, there are plenty of Rome gelato parlours that are worth a visiting. But first, make your research and go to a place that makes real gelato with real ingredients before trying out these expensive icecreams 

Hope you enjoyed the above mentioned top 10 foods of Rome that are not only delicious but very affordable. You can even make some dishes back at home or buy them as gifts for your loved ones also from this historic city. There are some of the best foods in Rome which you can get from as par list of suggested items to try in Rome. Roman foods are either too cheesy or incredibly full of healthy veggies, you can choose which diet you are going to follow in Rome. But, prefer if you follow the above-mentioned list you can have a great balance of all kinds of foods ranging from extra calories cheesy pasta to fresh and healthy salads. You can comment about your suggestions and head to our other blogs for more engaging info like these.

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