10 Best Things to Buy in Bonn, Germany | What Souvenirs to Buy in Bonn

There are various items to explore Bonn’s history and its legacy in different sectors of the industry. Bonn after being the oldest city of Germany has maintained lots of epic relics from its past that you can bring back home as one of the famous souvenirs to buy from Bonn, Germany. Since the city’s not that big you can locate items and famous shopping stores easily. Along with that, you get to explore the street life and cheap items as well. Therefore, here I have curated a list of the best things to buy in Bonn, that can be useful and procure a classic piece to show off as well.

List of Things to Buy in Bonn

1. Haribo Gummy Bears

 What to Buy in Bonn, Things to Buy in Bonn

Haribo Gummy Bears

You might be surprised to know that the origin of Haribo making gummy bears that are eaten all over the world took place in Bonn, Germany. These are jelly-like candies that you can find in Haribo stores anywhere in Bonn. You might even find some extra flavor that you don’t get anywhere in the world. Such top things to buy in Bonn, Germany are the best takeaways for kids. Although Haribo company moved from Bonn to Grafschaft in 2018 you can still experience its legacy in Bonn. So, just take away the big bags of “Goldbären”, “Colorado” or “TropiFrutti” for surprising your kids with the best delights from Bonn. You can also buy liquorice sticks with the fitting name “Bonner Gold.”

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2. Bönnsch

 What to Buy in Bonn, Things to Buy in Bonn


It’s very obvious to find myriad flavors of beer in Bonn due to its incredible vineyards and long lineages of brewery stores that are still very famous in the markets. Bonnsch is a beer which carries the Bonn’s title. Head further if you want to know what to buy in Bonn, especially for drinkers back at home. Not only can one buy this in the brewery in Bonn’s city center, but it can also be purchased at beverage stores and supermarkets in Bonn. You can find the best Bonnsch in Edeka Mohr at Bornheimer Straße 162 in Bonn, Germany.

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3. Siegfried

What to Buy in Bonn, Things to Buy in Bonn


Another liquid liquor that is a bit stronger than the Bonnsch can also be bought as a top souvenir to buy in Bonn. Siegfried is available in beverage stores and supermarkets, and also at department stores like Kaufhof at Remigiusstraße 20-24, 53111 Bonn, Germany. You will definitely enjoy it in your get together parties especially with the buddies who love the strong stuff.

4. Verpoorten

What to Buy in Bonn, Things to Buy in Bonn


It’s an advocaat drink(traditional Dutch alcoholic beverage made from eggs, sugar, and brandy).You might consider it just like other beverages but trust me the taste is far more thick and different than what you might’ve tasted in beers or wines. This beverage is made by the egg liqueur company with the famous slogan “Ei, Ei, Ei Verpoorten” (“egg, egg, egg Verpoorten”) in Bonn. Their headquarters is located in Bonn, even though it was originally founded in 1876 in Heinsberg. This is one of the must-buy things in Bonn, for classic drink admirers.

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5. Pralines

What to Buy in Bonn, Things to Buy in Bonn


For all the sweet lovers, this is what you must buy in Bonn! Pralines are basically chocolates fudge-like confectionery that a lot of cafés and confectionery shops, especially the Kleimann’s in Bonn sell at an incredible rate. Foreign people love to shop for pralines while the locals are already its super fans. Sometimes you will find these pralines printed with the Bonn kissing lips, which provides the idea that these chocolate lips don’t just look good, they even taste good.

6. Sports fan scarves

What to Buy in Bonn, Things to Buy in Bonn

Sports fan scarves

There’s no need to tell Germany’s love for football and even in the whole world, the people who love to be drowned in football can buy incredible accessories from Bonn. There’s a Telekom Baskets Bonn scarf or one from the Bonn SC. Both teams have established themselves very well on the sports scene in Germany that you can explore and buy their merchandise. These are some of the popular souvenirs to buy in Bonn, especially for your football buddies back at home. You can visit Friedrichstraße 45, 53111 in Bonn for such football gifts.

7. Beethoven CDs and other products

What to Buy in Bonn, Things to Buy in Bonn

Beethoven CDs

Beethoven is the poster boy of Bonn just like Mozart in Salzburg! You can find anything related to him in its miniature version. Or you can get some of the serious things to buy in Bonn, Germany including his music boxes, music CDs as well as busts and miniature violins. Even a Beethoven chocolate is available in Bonn for just one euro. For all of these incredible products, you can visit Bonngasse 20, 53111 in Bonn.

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8. Organic Oils

What to Buy in Bonn, Things to Buy in Bonn

Organic Oils

Bonn has been a producer of organic oil for many years. These items are not only limited up to household products but are extensively used in cosmetics especially in the Bonn based industries. You can buy all types of oils that are organically produced in Bonn. These are one of the healthiest ideas for what souvenirs to buy in Bonn? The oil ranges from apricot kernel oil to hemp oil, hazelnut oil, walnut oil, sesame oil, and black cumin oil. The oil factory also offers vegan products such as agave balsamic. For the best quality of oils visit Heinrich von Kleist Str. 39, 53113 in Bonn.

9. Red wines

What to Buy in Bonn, Things to Buy in Bonn

Red wines

If you haven’t tried this legacy you haven’t explored Bonn. Germany’s most important vineyards are situated in Bonn. The Ahrntal owns the topmost vineyards that are located around the town of Bad Neuenahr and are known for its steep terraced vineyards where the winemakers of the valley primarily cultivate Pinot Noir and Portugais Bleu grapes. These are some of the top varieties of grapes for making the most expensive wines and a perfect souvenir to buy in Bonn for all your guest’s gatherings and women’s parties.

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10. The Bonn kissing lips figurine

What to Buy in Bonn, Things to Buy in Bonn

The Bonn kissing lips figurine

Although these are some of the cliche things to buy in Bonn. But what’s more important than remembering your rides even if it’s in the most cliche manner who cares? These are basically the two cute kids miniatures that are passionately kissing each other. You can give this to your beloved partner as a symbol of your love or just pair it up with a real one that might be more erotic!

I hope you like these top 10 things to buy in Bonn, Germany that you can enjoy with your friends and family. Not only the above mentioned famous souvenirs to buy in Bonn are useful but they set the perfect atmosphere among your friends to chill and talk about all your amazing stories back in your journey. You can also look up for the best of these items with the help of our guide where along with perfect suggestions, the best places to find such things are also mentioned. Follow up our blogs for more engaging info like these and do check out our new Adequate Travel app adding more amazing features in your traveling experiences.

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