Top 10 Best Places to Eat in Georgia

Georgia is a standout amongst the most delightful nations on the planet, with ancient churches, lush green valleys and well-saved Eastern European conventions. After some time it’s a nation that has been handled by the Russians and Persians which have both affected the nation’s food. Nowadays, Georgia is known as the blender of flavorful meat dishes and healthy and tasty soups. In this list, we have covered the top 10 places to eat in Georgia. All of these places are well popular among locals and visitors for there food.

Where to Eat in Georgia

1. Zakhar Zakharich, Tbilisi

 top places to eat in Georgia, top 10 places to eat in Georgia

Zakhar Zakharich

You can’t say that your trip to Georgia is complete without attempting of the famous food of Georgia which is dumplings and one of the best places to eat in Georgia for dumplings also known as khinkali in Tbilisi is Zakhar Zakharich. Its dumplings are presented with a delightful lamb filling and they are perfectly fluffy. You can also try some of there other dishes highlighted on the menu like walnuts, marinated vegetables.

Address:3 Right Bank, Mshrali Bridge, Tbilisi, Georgia

2. Old Boulevard, Batumi

 top places to eat in Georgia, top 10 places to eat in Georgia

Old Boulevard

The Old Boulevard in Batumi is a polished eatery with huge couches, classical music and sculptures. Their main dishes to try are chicken kebabs and Turkish inspired hummus. There is additionally pizza on the menu, for those people who are searching for a  little break from Georgian cooking. Don’t forget to visit here at night and listen to their live pianists.

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Address:23a Ninoshvili St, Batumi, Georgia

3. Black Lion, Tbilisi

 top places to eat in Georgia, top 10 places to eat in Georgia

Black Lion

This restaurant serves traditional Georgian sustenance with some unique present-day twist. Formerly called Shavi Lomi now changed to The Black Lion it is one of the famous places to eat in Georgia. Top dishes to not to miss here includes it’s phkali, khachapuritos, plum bouillion, and beef. Don’t forget to book your seat in advance as the place is very famous and normally stays crowded.

Address:28 Zurab Kvlividze St, T’bilisi, Georgia

4. Pheasant’s Tears, Sighnaghi

 top places to eat in Georgia, top 10 places to eat in Georgia

Pheasants Tears

If you want to taste the finest wine in Georgia than Pheasant’s Tears is a spot for you to visit as they have a large collection of wines with their traditional menu. Dishes on the menu incorporate succulent chicken kebabs, garlic and tabbouleh salad, cheese platters, fried eggplant, and chicken. The nourishment is privately sourced and inconceivably new, with various everyday specials.

Address:Sighnaghi, Georgia

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5. Restaurant Diaroni, Zugdidi

 top places to eat in Georgia, top 10 places to eat in Georgia

Restaurant Diaroni

In case you’re going through the Svaneti area, then head towards Restaurant Diaroni, situated in the town of Zugdidi. It’s a customary café with an incredible determination of dishes from the Samegrelo district, including khachapuri, elarji, kupati, the curds like gebzhalia plunge and kharcho.

Address:Konstantine Gamsakhurdia street, Zugdidi, Georgia

6. 8000 Mosavali, Tbilisi

 top places to eat in Georgia, top 10 places to eat in Georgia

8000 Mosavali

8000 Mosavali, which signifies ‘8000 vintage wines’, is an eatery devoted to Georgia’s eight thousand years of wine generation. By the name of it, you may get an idea of that it has a huge collection of wine which can be joined by cheese boards and charcuterie.

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Address:26 Sulkhan Tsintsadze St, T’bilisi, Georgia

7. Cafe Old Borjomi, Borjomi

 top places to eat in Georgia, top 10 places to eat in Georgia

Cafe Old Borjomi

Borjomi is a little retreat town in the green valley of the Mtkvari River. It’s known for its health-conscious spa and in case you’re here, then don’t miss to visit Cafe Old Borjomi, which is known for its scrumptious trout cooked in a walnut sauce. Discover a spot to crash in Borjomi. Cafe Old Borjomi is one of the unique places to eat in Georgia.

Address:19 Kostava St, Borzhomi 1200, Georgia

8. Kakhelebi

 top places to eat in Georgia, top 10 places to eat in Georgia


This is one of the unique places to eat traditional food in Georgia and it is one of the favorites of locals to eat, who seek the delectable khinkali. The skin on these ethereal soup dumplings should be flimsy enough to demonstrate a sad remnant of substantial filling, however thick enough to hold in the exquisite juices. The khinkali at Kakhelebi accomplish this perfect parity, which makes them certainly justified regardless of the short outing outside the downtown area. Or on the other hand on the off chance that you are heading towards the east to the Kakheti district, it’s an ideal pit stop simply off the parkway.

Address:Kakheti Highway, After Airport Bridges|Lilo Settl.Tbilisi 0151, Georgia

9. Fabrika Tbilisi

Fabrika is a multifunction complex with various bistros, bars, and restaurants even shops, a hotel, and a ceramics studio. Here you’ll discover encouraging dishes of ramen at Shio; newly heated bread, small plates at Tone, and local cheese, Shavi Lomi, at Dive. The place often stays jam-packed all night with the locals and tourists as the eatery has a lot to offer to there visitors with an unmatchable experience.

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Address:8 Egnate Ninoshvili St, T’bilisi, Georgia

10. Mapshalia

 top places to eat in Georgia, top 10 places to eat in Georgia


Mapshalia opened in the year of 1980 by Elsa Kalandia is known for offering unique dishes of Samegrelo region and in the year of 2001 Mapshalia moved in Apollo theater where it becomes the favorite spot or local and tourists to eat as they offer extraordinary food consistently. A workmanship nouveau alleviation delineating old Tbilisi covers two of the four walls, and Elsa Kalandia is still there looking out for the lounge area consistently, guaranteeing all impulses are thought about. Try not to miss the elarji, best delighted in with a side dish of kharcho, which is prepared in a walnut sauce. Wash everything down with a pitcher of the house wine.

Address:137 Davit Aghmashenebeli Ave, T’bilisi, Georgia

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Here are the top places to eat in Georgia where you can eat the famous traditional and present-day food some of the places have a huge collection of wine also. All of these places are particularly stays jam-packed by the tourists and locals as they are very unique. Hope the post is informative to you kindly read our other blogs also to know more about Georgia.

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