Famous Foods of Kuala Lumpur | Best foods to Eat in Lumpur

This city is not a homage for Malay people only but gives space to every dweller who came to this place. Hence you can experience every soul of foods coming from different countries that are beautifully incorporated into various spectacular best foods of Kuala Lumpur. So don’t miss out on such treats that have flavours from all over the world. Here I have mentioned a list of top 12 foods to eat in Kuala Lumpur that are super delicious and easy on the budget.

List of Foods to Eat in Kuala Lumpur

1. Nasi lemak

Best foods to Eat in Lumpur, Foods of Lumpur

If you ever talked to the locals of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, this is one of the topmost national dishes of KL that they completely adore. You might find its fragrance on every door and every corner of KL. This dish comprises fresh rice cooked in coconut milk and served with roasted peanuts, boiled eggs, sweet and spicy sambal or curry along with crunchy anchovies. All together this popular food in Kuala Lumpur is the best whole course meal that you can eat at very low prices anywhere in Kuala Lumpur.

2. Ikan Bakar

Best foods to Eat in Lumpur, Foods of Lumpur

If you have travelled to Kochi, in India you might know a dish named as Kreemi Polichattu which is when a fish is cooked while being wrapped in banana leaves. Such similar south Indian cuisine god knows who brought it to Malaysia but now it’s their Ikan Bakar which has a huge fan base in Kuala Lumpur. This is one of the street foods in Kuala Lumpur that is eaten like a meal every day here. Kedai Kak Jat is one of the perfect places to try this grilled fish which is crispy on the outside while the flesh remains moist and flaky inside.

3. Roti Canai

Best foods to Eat in Lumpur, Foods of Lumpur

You might have tried a lot of pancakes and bread from all around the world but this Malay bread dish at Mamak stall in KL will literally blow your mind with its crispy texture and slight sweetness. The famous food in Kuala Lumpur is tasty enough to eat on its own, but if you want more flavours you can dip it in the dal, sambal or mutton curry for the extra experience of deliciousness. For grabbing the best Roti Canai just head to Restoran Murni SS2 for its Roti Hawaii (roti stuffed with minced meat, eggs, cheese, sausages and pineapples) that will be definitely a ‘Hawaai’ experience for you.

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4. Ramly Burger

Best foods to Eat in Lumpur, Foods of Lumpur

All the hamburgers on one side and this Ramly burger on one side. Most of the ham legends might have done this filthy activity when they put the french fries in between their burgers after removing the last leafiness of their burgers. But whatever you call it, that is the best taste you can achieve. Perhaps the Malay people accepted it before you did and they made exactly those kinds of burgers having fried fries in between. Such delicious food to eat in Kuala Lumpur can be found only at Brother John Burger Stall in Damansara Uptown. Try especially their popular Master Burger which has two Ramly beef/chicken patties with egg and cheese and black pepper sauce. Yum! This food in KL perfectly defines the correct definition of yummy!

5. Banana Leaf Rice

Best foods to Eat in Lumpur, Foods of Lumpur

Such a simple dish which sounds so regular but hides the most spectacular flavours of Malay cuisine. You must not miss this splendid meal which has freshly steamed rice paired with a generous ladle of aromatic curry poured over them in which you can choose the type of meat you want to enjoy with these rice. While all such delicious aroma mesmerises your mind they serve this cuisine over banana leaves that just presents the top food in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia which might have again a South Indian origin but with the addition of fried chicken and fried fish, they made it their own foods.

6. Brown Sugar Appam

Best foods to Eat in Lumpur, Foods of Lumpur

If you are a fan of South Indian cuisine try this take of Malay people over the plain appam with coconut milk which now has brown sugar variety as the coconut milk and brown sugar combine to give a surprising taste that you might not have imagined while eating the plain appams. These two ingredients are liberally applied onto appam batter and swirled in a pan so the edges remain fluffy while the sides are brittle. Such a sweet take over the food in Kuala Lumpur is the witness of how generously they have accepted every dish from all around the globe and made it their own. So whenever you feel like having a burst of caramel-coconut goodness try the brown sugar appam in KL. 

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7. Char Siew

Best foods to Eat in Lumpur, Foods of Lumpur

If there could have been a perfect dish that can suffice your midnight cravings, this dish would win that league always. As the caramelised meat, nicely charred and sticky from all angles when simmered into the honeyed barbecue with its layer of translucent fat, it yields the perfect food that can suffice every hangry person. Hence this cuisine is one of the best foods to try in Kuala Lumpur when you are ragging with hunger and want to have the juiciest meat in the world.

8. Chicken Rice

Best foods to Eat in Lumpur, Foods of Lumpur

For all the Indians first, Don’t consider its ‘biryani’ because it’s not(trust me it’s not!). These are some of the authentic Kuala Lumpur’s famous food to try that you must never miss while strolling over the streets. There’s a tradition that you have to order at least half a chicken. As, the tender and moist meat can only be enjoyed when you have the full pieces that you can cut through your fork which goes through without any resistance. These are extremely flavourful, and cooked in rich chicken stock. Along with chilli-ginger condiments, this dish provides an ultimate Malaysian food comfort. 

9. Hokkien Mee

Best foods to Eat in Lumpur, Foods of Lumpur

These are some of the slurpy cuisines you can try in Kuala Lumpur. When all the hungry meaty dishes are up to your budget try these slurpy thick noodles which are coated with dark soy sauce, glistening in lard, and imbued with charcoal-fire establish an extraordinary flavour that you can’t find in any other famous food of Kuala Lumpur. What else you need to state that midnight hankering when you have a bowl of these delicious noodles.

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10. Chili Pan Mee

Best foods to Eat in Lumpur, Foods of Lumpur

These are of the spicy foods which you crave for especially when you come from a city which has all the bland flavours. These are some of the topmost foods in Kuala Lumpur that are served hot with a topping of fried anchovies, minced pork, and a soft poached egg to balance the spiciness. What really makes this dish extraordinary is the dried chilli mix which skillfully mixes with the poached eggs covering all the ingredients perfectly. You can use these spice mixes as much as you want until you get the desired spice level.

11. Satay

Best foods to Eat in Lumpur, Foods of Lumpur

If you have to pick only one best street food in Kuala Lumpur I would suggest you can never leave this snack. These are the popular Malay snacks of Indonesian origin which are even their national dish and now it’s adored by the Malaysians as well who like to think of it as their own. These are basically the grilled meat over sticks in which usually beef, chicken, or lamb is prepared with spices which are eaten via dipping in the peanut sauce paired with cucumbers and onion on the side.

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12. Cendol

Best foods to Eat in Lumpur, Foods of Lumpur

Let’s finally have something which can make a dessert lover smile. This is the well-known food in Kuala Lumpur that you can have as the desserts. Cendol is typically a finely shaved ice amidst the green pandan and cendol jelly maintaining the creaminess of the fresh coconut milk inside the dessert. You can have the best cendol at Baba Low’s 486, which boasts a sugary quality that you can barely find anywhere in Kuala Lumpur.

Hope you liked this list of delicious foods to try in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia that are super tasty and serve the best taste from all around the globe. You can enjoy some of the best combinations which are authentic cuisines of different countries but Kuala Lumpur has generously accepted each and every dish and made it their own.

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