Notre Dame Cathedral Interesting Facts, History

Here are some recommended Interesting Facts about Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

It was built between 1163 and 1345. Its construction was ordered by the Bishop of Paris named, Maurice de Sully, in 1160. Maurice Sully, who ordered the construction of Notre Dame, died in 1196, long before the cathedral was completed.

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Notre Dame Cathedral Facts, History

  • It is located in the heart of Paris, on the Ile de la Cite.
  • It is one of the world’s largest religious buildings.
  • Notre Dame was designed in a French Gothic style.
  • Notre Dame has twin towers of 226 feet tall and has 387 steps.
  • Notre Dame contains bell and the largest bell is located in the South Tower, weighs 28,000 pounds. The bell is also known as the Emmanuel Bell and was created in 1681.
  • The magnificent stained glass windows in Notre Dame are original.

Notre Dame Facts and History, Interesting Facts about Notre Dame Cathedral

    • Approx 13 million people visit Notre Dame every year, which makes it the most popular monument in France. People visit Notre Dame more than the Eiffel Tower. It is free to enter the cathedral.
    • The best part is that it is free to enter the cathedral. In 1804 Napoleon invited Pope Pius VII to come to Notre Dame so that he could be crowned emperor. At the last minute Napoleon crown himself instead.
    • There are many small statues outside of Notre Dame which were placed there to serve as water spouts and to support columns.
    • Based on a 1905 law, Notre Dame is owned by the French State, but the Catholic Church has the right to use it forever.

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Here we have recommended you some Notre Dame Facts and History, I hope you have gathered some knowledge about Notre Dame Cathedral Facts by reading this content. If you are interested to know more about travel tips and some more facts about Paris and related topics, kindly read our other blogs as well it will be beneficial for you. Notre Dame is a Roman Catholic medieval cathedral located in Paris, France. It is considered to be the finest examples of French Gothic Architecture’s and is one of the largest and most famous churches in the entire world. During the French Revolution, most of the church’s religious imagery was destroyed and damaged. In 1845 restoration efforts began, and another restoration project started in 1991. Notre Dame de Paris is also referred to like Notre Dame Cathedral.

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